Carstensz Pyramid Expedition Plan

3.jpgCarstensz Pyramid is the tallest mountain in Oceania and one of the world’s seven summits with an elevation of 5,030 meters. It is situated in the picturesque mountains of Indonesia.

Westerners call the mountain Carstensz Pyramid in honor of it is Western discover, but local Indonesians have long known about the peak and call it Puncak Jaya which means Victory Peak.

Carstensz Pyramid offers the rare beauty of a snow-capped mountain on the equator and attracts thousands of climbers from all around the world to try their hand at its jagged limestone and rugged landscape.


Carstensz Pyramid Expedition Plan

D1 Beijing/Shanghai departure to Bali Island


Meet in Beijing or Shanghai fly to Bali Island.

D2 Bali Island


Explore Bali and get ready for the climb.

D3 Bali to Timika


After arrival at Timika we will go to the hotel and rest for the upcoming travel.

D4 Timika to Base Camp


As dictated by weather conditions, we will take a helicopter directly to base camp。

D5-D6 Base Camp


At base camp we will acclimatize and rest as we get ready for a summit push

D7 Base Camp to Summit to Base Camp


Summit Day! After a successful summit, we will return back to base camp.

D8-D10 Base Camp to Timika

As weather dictates, we will take the helicopter back to Timika and then fly back to Bali.

D11 Contingency Day


D12 Bali to Beijing/Shanghai

After a successful expedition, we will return back to China.

Note: Due to weather an other unforeseen circumstances Summit Experiences reserves the right to change or alter the program in any way deemed necessary.

Registration Requirements

1. At least 14 years old.

2. Good health.

3. A good amount of outdoor experience.


The standard cost per participant is 198,000 RMB for a group of 6 or more. But we can offer you a discount of 20,000 RMB per person for a cost of 178,000 RMB for a group of 6 or more.

Cost Includes

  1. All food and lodging during the trip itinerary
  2. All transportation during the trip itinerary (including helicopter fees)
  3. Insurance
  4. All necessary group and safety equipment
  5. Indonesia visa fees

Cost Does Not Include

  1. Transportation to Beijing/Shanghai at the beginning of the trip and transportation back to respective destinations upon arrival back in China
  2. Personal climbing insurance
  3. Personal costs (phone, internet, laundry, alcohol, personal expenses)
  4. Helicopter costs in the case of an emergency rescue
  5. Costs inquired if a client decides to leave the expedition in the midst of the trip
  6. Costs inquired in unforeseen circumstances, i.e., airline strikes, cancelled flights, natural disasters, etc.