Summit Experience founded and currently operated by the famous Chinese mountaineer, Sun Bin, specializes in providing high-end adventure travel experiences worldwide. Summit Experience is well known as China’s most professional 7+2 adventure company (climb the highest peak on all 7 continents and arrive by foot to both the North and South Pole). Summit Experience is committed to providing the most experienced alpine guides and the best services at high altitudes all in the most extreme conditions. The company has successfully led thousands to climb the world’s tallest mountains and arrive at the North and South Pole.


Sun Bin, Mt. Denali, Alaska

In addition to the 7+2 adventure activities, Summit Experience also encompasses Summit School and Summit International Mountain School.

Summit School focuses on teaching mountaineering, hiking, camping, and outdoor skills to university students and adult outdoor recreation leaders across China. The purpose of Summit School is to teach basic to advanced skills to those who in turn will teach the skills to other members of their outdoor communities.


Summit School Training Seminar, Tian Tang Lake, Xinjinag, China

Summit International Mountain School’s primary focus is to provide technical training to those who desire to climb the world’s 7 summits or climb other technically challenging mountains across the world. The purpose of the technical training is to enable participants to both safely and competently carry out the skills necessary to participate in climbing expeditions.


Bao Yi Fei with clients on the summit of Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina

As well, Summit Experience offers local outdoor activities near its Beijing company headquarters. These include rock climbing, ice climbing, hiking, and camping. Most of the activities take place in the beautiful mountain countryside in the surrounding countryside outside of Beijing and range from day trips to weeklong adventures. People of all ages and ability levels from children to adults are able to take part in these wonderful activities near Beijing.


Tom Connelly with clients at Sidu in Beijing


Tom Connelly with students and their parents at Clear Water Valley in Beijing