Summit Experience Success on Mount Everest


On May 19, 2018 at 9 AM Nepal time, Summit Experience’s team of 8 members in addition to 12 Nepalese Sherpas stood on the summit of Mount Everest!

Congratulations to the team after 44 days of arduous work! All worked in favor on summit day as favorable weather and good planning enabled all to go off without a hitch.


The team was led by Summit Experience Head Mountain Guide, Bao Yi Fei, and Summit Experience 8,000 meter project manager, Zhang Bao Long. Within a few days time, the entire team successfully retreated to Base Camp and all managed to come off the mountain without major injury or circumstance.

All the clients were moved by the extraordinary service provided by Bao Yi Fei and Zhang Bao Long, especially during the final push up from base camp to the summit. There were many comments to the like of “the best mountaineering trip ever” and “impeccable service and planning”. All in all, even though the road to the summit is long and tiresome, all the clients confirmed without a doubt that it was one of the most unforgettable experiences in their life!

Once again Summit Experience would like to congratulate the entire Everest Team on a successful and safe summit/descent of the world’s tallest mountain!


Successful Summit of Four Sisters Mountain Peak One


On May 16, 2018 at 6:30 local time in China, Summit Experience mountain guide Tom Connelly and 8 local Chinese support staff successfully led 8 Ping An Bank Employees (Shenzhen Branch) to the summit of Four Sisters Mountain Peak One (5,025 meters). Congratulations to all the team members who made it up and down the mountain with no major issues!

The climb of Four Sisters Mountain Peak One was the first climb of a snow-capped mountain for all the members of Ping An Bank. It was a very moving experience for all team members as they battled difficulties with the altitude adaptation in the new environment. Nonetheless, all were very satisfied with the results of the climb and the views from the top on summit day were no less than spectacular!

The summit was the cumulation of a 5 day mountaineering seminar taught by Connelly. During the seminar, Connelly trained the employees on equipment use, safety techniques, and wilderness medicine. Additionally, Connelly helped the bank employees with their high altitude adaptation by taking them on a series of acclimatization exercises.


Connelly commented that the climb and all the work was difficult, but very rewarding. The Ping An employees also recognized Connelly for his great contribution to the success of the program by awarding him the “male climber of the week” award.

Jiankou Great Wall Trek

China is world famous for its Great Wall and on May 28 and 29, 2018 Summit Experience Guide Tom Connelly took 4 clients from the United States on a two trek of the Great Wall that combined unrestored “wild” sections and restored sections of the wall. The trek took place on the Jiankou and Mutianyu sections of the wall about 100 kilometers outside of Beijing.

Jiankou Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall

The trek was an outstanding success as the clients were spellbound by the scenery of the wall and the local mountains. The weather was clear which added to the clarity of the portraits and the morale of the overall experience. In all, the clients learned that all true heroes climb the Great Wall!

Unique to the trip was the opportunity to stay at a local farmer’s house at the end of the first day of the trek. Not only did the clients marvel and the local hospitality, but they were also able to enjoy the delicious cuisine homegrown from local farmer’s gardens.

Trekking along the Great Wall was a dream come true for this family from America. It’s safe to say that there needs and desires were met as they commented that the trek along the Great Wall was the best part of the most memorable vacation they have had in many, many years!