Summit International Mountain School

Summit International Mountain School is part of the ongoings of Summit Experience. Summit International Mountain School’s primary focus is to provide technical training to those who desire to climb the world’s 7 summits or climb other technically challenging mountains across the world.

The purpose of the technical training is to enable participants to both safely and competently carry out the skills necessary to participate in climbing expeditions. Summit International’s training seminars take place in various parts of China from Sichuan to Beijing to Guangxi to Yunnan. The primary material taught is mountaineering, rock climbing, and ice climbing. Classes are taught several times yearly and can be arranged for personal groups.


Bao Yi Fei

– Summit International Mountain School Primary Instructor

Summit International Mountain School’s primary instructor is Bao Yi Fei. Bao is well respected in Chinese mountaineering circles with more than 20 years of outdoor experience climbing snow-capped mountains, ice climbing, and rock climbing. Bao is not just known for his technical expertise, but he is as well known for his fun loving personality. Bao is also highly skilled in wilderness medicine and is an assistant instructor on the Wilderness Medical Associate International (WMAI) Chinese team. This knowledge ensures that clients not only get technical skills, but also learn how to participate in outdoor sports in the safest manner and know what do to in wilderness emergencies. Always a client favorite, lessons with Bao are sure to provide necessary skills to safely participate in a variety of outdoor mountain sports.