Summit School

Summit School is also part of the ongoings of Summit Experience. Summit School focuses on teaching mountaineering, hiking, camping, and outdoor skills to university students and adult outdoor recreation leaders across China.

The purpose of Summit School is to teach basic to advanced skills to those who in turn will teach the skills to other members of their outdoor communities. Summit School trainings take place several times a year at various places from Sichuan to Beijing to Guangxi to Yunnan.


Zhang Yan Jie

– Summit School Primary Instructor

Summit School’s primary instructor is Zhang Yan Jie. Yan Jie is a NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School, USA) Outdoor Educator and as well an adjunct professor at Beijing Sport University. He is an assistant instructor on the Wilderness Medical Associate International (WMAI) Chinese team and a LNT (Leave No Trace) Master Educator. With more than 20 years of outdoor education experience, Yan Jie is extremely hardworking and passionate about his work. A true pioneer in the field of outdoor education in China, Yan Jie has taught thousands of students outdoor skills. A chance to study and learn from Yan Jie is an experience that few students forget.