Successful Summit of Four Sisters Mountain Peak One


On May 16, 2018 at 6:30 local time in China, Summit Experience mountain guide Tom Connelly and 8 local Chinese support staff successfully led 8 Ping An Bank Employees (Shenzhen Branch) to the summit of Four Sisters Mountain Peak One (5,025 meters). Congratulations to all the team members who made it up and down the mountain with no major issues!

The climb of Four Sisters Mountain Peak One was the first climb of a snow-capped mountain for all the members of Ping An Bank. It was a very moving experience for all team members as they battled difficulties with the altitude adaptation in the new environment. Nonetheless, all were very satisfied with the results of the climb and the views from the top on summit day were no less than spectacular!

The summit was the cumulation of a 5 day mountaineering seminar taught by Connelly. During the seminar, Connelly trained the employees on equipment use, safety techniques, and wilderness medicine. Additionally, Connelly helped the bank employees with their high altitude adaptation by taking them on a series of acclimatization exercises.


Connelly commented that the climb and all the work was difficult, but very rewarding. The Ping An employees also recognized Connelly for his great contribution to the success of the program by awarding him the “male climber of the week” award.