Summit Experience Success on Mount Everest


On May 19, 2018 at 9 AM Nepal time, Summit Experience’s team of 8 members in addition to 12 Nepalese Sherpas stood on the summit of Mount Everest!

Congratulations to the team after 44 days of arduous work! All worked in favor on summit day as favorable weather and good planning enabled all to go off without a hitch.


The team was led by Summit Experience Head Mountain Guide, Bao Yi Fei, and Summit Experience 8,000 meter project manager, Zhang Bao Long. Within a few days time, the entire team successfully retreated to Base Camp and all managed to come off the mountain without major injury or circumstance.

All the clients were moved by the extraordinary service provided by Bao Yi Fei and Zhang Bao Long, especially during the final push up from base camp to the summit. There were many comments to the like of “the best mountaineering trip ever” and “impeccable service and planning”. All in all, even though the road to the summit is long and tiresome, all the clients confirmed without a doubt that it was one of the most unforgettable experiences in their life!

Once again Summit Experience would like to congratulate the entire Everest Team on a successful and safe summit/descent of the world’s tallest mountain!