The Great Wall

The most important site in all of China is the Great Wall. Rightly so as it holds an important place in Chinese lore as the old saying goes, “All true heroes climb the Great Wall.” Most certainly, a trek along the Great Wall will almost always go down as the most meaningful and impactful part of any visit to China!

The Great Wall rightly deserves its place in history as it is the the longest man-made structure in the world with a total length of 21,196 km (13,171 miles), equal to half the length of the Equator! It was constructed across the span of 6 dynasties and in all spans across the length of the entire country from West to East. The average width and height of the wall is about 7 meters. It is estimated that 1 million laborers were used to build the Great Wall.

In order to have a most memorable visit to the Great Wall it is best to have the experience led by a Summit Experience guide. By doing so, your adventure to the Great Wall will be enriched by local knowledge of the wall, the people that live in the local area, local foods, and the best routes for climbing. Summit Experience can cater to your trip needs depending upon what type of Great Wall experience you would like to have. Experiences range from multi-day treks upon the non-refurbished “wild” Great Wall to much easier hikes along refurbished sections. As it is about two hour drive to get to the wall, a trek along the wall can easily be a single day trip.

Please feel free to inquire about Great Wall trekking opportunities, especially overnight or multi-day trips where camping or stays at local farmer’s houses can be arranged.